Series IV

Maralee Dawn & Friends

FCC Educational Core Children’s Programming, Split Track, Closed Caption, CCC

Fast-paced imaginative episodes jam-packed with original songs, intriguing stories, and unique puppet characters!  Ventriloquist Maralee Dawn engages viewers with creative interactive projects, exotic creatures, and expeditions.  Children assimilate the Leadership Qualities as naturally as eating ice cream!

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MDF Season IV Episodes:

The Enormous Fight

Confrontation with a caped hero, a disaster in the house and an adopted cat might help give a child  insight into the value of respect.

On Top of the World

A mountaineer who climbed Mt. Everest shares his secrets!  Suzi learns to rappel, we make our own trail mix, and experience the benefit of choosing good friends.

Treehouse Adventures

A new home brings joy until Butch considers the transition and becomes anxious.  With a little help from family and friends, he discovers strength to embrace positive change.

Coach Blows the Whistle

We love deer skin drums and dancing with the chief at Head-Smashed-in Buffalo Jump World Heritage site!  Butch’s coach brings an attitude adjustment, and they focus on team building skills.

Creepy Creatures

The mysterious disappearance of a Creepy Creature is solved by a science teacher. These events morph into a personal growth experience. 

Skaters and a Stolen Watch

Butch checks out the Fort Macleod RCMP Musical Riders, a skateboard park and our hilarious D-Dog on wheels! The value of influence is examined and the stolen watch is returned.

The Sinking House

Jordan and Butch go for a hot air balloon ride.  Will the pilot be able to find level ground for a safe landing?  Builders, pilots, and leaders know the value of a solid foundation.

Huge Disappointment

Can a clown, line dancing and horses brighten Suzi’s cloudy day?  Will Butch be able to help Suzi understand that planning may prevent disappointment?

Mysterious Present

Butch and Suzi meet with a cheetah, receive a surprise gift, learn shadow puppetry and discover priorities!  Make an eco-bird feeder and sing along with the ‘Pygmy Hippopotamus’ song!

Dancing Disco Dog

Butch and Suzi explore decisions and consequences in their hilarious workout with the Disco Dog! They experience a candy overload meltdown and have a wild breakdancing adventure.

Hospitality Party

Suzi has a purple pajama party in their secret treehouse, then visits the Snake Pit at the Coulee Centre!  Butch and Suzi continue to practice celebrating wins and the joy of hospitality.

A Strange Drum

Julio’s drum from El Salvador and Butch’s Irish whistle build a friendship bridge.  An International Dinner with Norwegian Kransekake knit people together with inclusiveness and diversity.

Camp Time Nightmares

When you can’t see family, friends or pets, build a Homesick Buster Box!  Suzi journals dreams, practices setting goals and overcomes last-minute jitters when going to camp.

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