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  • example
  • two square pieces of coloured paper, the same size but different colours
  • scissors
  • scotch tape
  • glue
  • one piece of cardboard, slightly larger than each piece of paper


To make the instructions easier to understand, let's pretend that one piece of coloured paper is red and the other is blue.

  • Fold the red piece of paper in half and then cut six slits in the paper, from the folded edge to about 2 cm (1 inch) from the other side. Space the slits evenly apart. See Diagram 1.
  • Cut the blue piece of paper into ten even strips. These strips should be completely separate pieces from one another. Throw away two strips because you will only need eight.
  • Unfold the red sheet of paper.
  • Weave the blue paper strips through the red slits one at a time, from the left of the red page to the right.
  • Weave OVER and UNDER the slits. If you start by weaving the first blue strip OVER the first red slit, weave it UNDER the next red slit, OVER the next, UNDER, OVER, UNDER...
  • For the second strip of blue paper, weave it UNDER the first red slit, OVER the second slit, and continue the UNDER, OVER pattern. See Diagram 2 for an idea of how your chessboard should look.
  • Once you get to the eighth strip of blue paper, if the pattern has been followed correctly, it should be woven UNDER first, then OVER, UNDER, OVER. . .
  • Weaving in this way will have given you a checkerboard pattern!
  • Straighten out all eight blue strips, flip the checkerboard over and tape the blue strips down to the red paper.
  • Glue the back of the checkerboard onto the piece of cardboard.
  • Now that you have a beautifully woven checkerboard, it's time to play checkers! Find two sets of matching items around your house that you can use for checkers pieces. (IDEAS: 2 types of coins, buttons, coloured cardboard pieces)