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  • pinwheel template (available soon)
  • felt pen
  • a straight pin with a round ball at the end
  • scissors
  • pencil with an eraser
  • Print off the pinwheel template. Cut out the square along the solid lines.
  • In one of the triangles, draw a picture . . . of anything! Use your imagination and be creative! (ideas: birds, animals, flowers or your friends)
  • Draw a different picture in all three of the other triangles.
  • Cut along each of the dotted lines. Make sure you STOP CUTTING at the end of the dotted lines.
  • With the straight pin, poke through the back of one of the corners right behind where the dot is.
  • With the pin still through the first corner, poke it through the back of the next corner, again behind where the dot is.
  • Repeat this for the othe two corners.
  • With the pin still through all four corners, poke it through the center of the paper where the X is. This will creat a pinwheel.
  • With the pin still in the pinwheel, poke it into the eraser end of the pencil and press firmly.
  • Bend the pin over to a 45 degree angle and now your pinwheel is complete!
  • Practice blowing on your pinwheel to see how wind can make it turn.